first blog post ❤️

This is the post excerpt.

hi everyone, 

my site was deleted so i had to make a new one. 

i hope you will enjoy my blog posts 



lush cosmetics haul 🛁 💓

hi everyone,

during christmas I decided to treat myself to lush cosmetics christmas range. they’re christmas range are one of the best! 🎄🛁

i like pink, relaxing and calming fragrance/ scents.

these are the products i treated myself to:

  • rose jam bubbleroon 🌹

for a rosier mood and softer skin

  • twilight bath bomb 💫

let the sun set on worries

  • think pink bath bomb 💓

banish the black, burn the blue and bury the beige!

  • a french kiss bubble bar 💜

feel blissful at bedtime

  • snow fairy amazeball ⛄️

an amazing bubblegum bath

  • jingle bells bath bomb 🎅🏻

sleigh all day with orange and patchouli

  • snow fairy bath bomb ❄️

a fairytale of bubblegum baths

🍊 🛷 🛀🌙 💗

all are my favourites! makes me so happy, so calming and relaxing! would recommend them all! i never tried the french kiss bubble bar, jingle bells bath bomb or snow fairy amazeball before and wasn’t disappointed. looking forward to try new products this year from them. 🙂

bath bombs, when dropped into your warm bath your bomb will fizz away realising it’s colour and beneficial essential oils. lie back, relax and enjoy. 🙂💆🏼‍♀️😍🥰❤️🛁💗

bubble bars, crumble as much of a bar as you like under warm running water to create a mountain of luxurious, film star bubbles. for reusable bubble bars, simply whisk in your bath water or hold under the tap to whip up a blissful bubble bath. 💦 ⭐️

what’s your favourite lush product? did you get anything from lush this christmas?

new year, new decade! ⭐️

hi everyone,

here’s to a new year and a new decade my lovelies! ❤️✨2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

hope you’re all had a wonderful christmas and an amazing new year! 🎄🎆

it’s so scary! hope all you’re hoped and dreams come true and happiness! 💓

so much has happened in the last decade, unfortunately sad moments! 😥💔 but they’re has been a bit of high moments too 🙂

2010-2019 ⭐️

i lost my mother during the last decade 💫👼🏻🦋💔 that was the biggest low of the decade and also the loss of my grandfather, i know they’re together now and looking after us and guiding me through life💓 they taught me so much. losing my mother has taught me so much about life at such a young age.

started off in 2010 i completed my college course after finishing school, then went on to do my apprenticeship course i did business admin both in college and apprenticeship. after my studies i was fortunate to get my first proper job at an office. ☎️🖨⌨️🎓

one of the highlights of the decade was travelling to china with glanaethwy choir 🇨🇳 we completed in the world choir games in shaoxing during the summer of 2010. experience of a lifetime! 🌍 also completing and achieving my childcare course in 2016. 👶🏻🎓🎉

in 2013 i had a holiday to spain with my friends 🇪🇸 during that time i wasn’t sure what i wanted to do with my future career so I switched jobs for a while before i finally decided to do a childcare course in 2015 and it was the best decision i ever made. that year was very difficult for our family our mother was very ill at the time and I still managed to complete my course and achieve my qualifications. After completing my course i was fortunate to find work again and still there nearly 4 years on and loving every minute of it! 💜end of 2019 i started back on my singing and joined a choir again after nearly 9 years of not being a member of a choir. it helped my confidence a lot. 🎵

met some lovely people along the journey and also i’ve known who’s my friends and who’s there for me. i’ve always had confidence issues, but it got worse since i lost my mother but it’s always good to talk. 💞

i feel like i haven’t achieved a lot and ticked a lot off my bucket list but i still managed to do the things that makes me happy 🤗🙂🥰 that’s what important in life. ❤️

in this decade:

  • travelled to China
  • completed college and apprenticeship courses
  • turned 18 and 21
  • travelled to Spain
  • completed childcare course
  • found varies work
  • joined a new choir

i still haven’t passed my driving test 🚘 have my own home 🏡 or found love 💓 but hopefully one day it will all change! 💫

hopefully the new year will be exciting and i know i’m going to bruges in march 🇹🇩✈️

hopefully 2020 and the next decade will be full of happiness, good health and all you’re dreams will come true. remember don’t quit or never give up. 💕

november favourites ❄️🌿

*to be continued*

hi everyone,

this month has been packed for me and full of change! i’ve had a new job and gained my confidence back with joining back with a choir since september but been doing loads with them this month. 🎤🎼

I hope you’ll enjoy!


new job ⭐️🍾💕

  • christmas costa 🎄☕️

  • last christmas film 🎥🎄

  • cosy autumn nights 🍁

  • new hot chocolate – toasted marshmallow ✨☕️🍁

  • flowers 🌺🌸💐

  • haircut and hair colour ✨

  • gino’s pizza 🍕

  • cosy loungewear 💁🏼

october favourites 🍁💗

*to be continued *

hi everyone,

here’s my favourites for this month. hope you’re all enjoying the autumn season, it’s my favourite time of the year. 🍁🍃🍂✨😍☔️❄️💗

i hope you’ll enjoy!


  • out for a meal ✨🍸

shopping 🛍

  • no.7 skincare and makeup 💄💁🏼

  • great british bake off 🍰

  • cosy hoody ✨🤗💞

  • gino’s pizza 🍕

  • starbucks and catchup with friend ☕️

  • bath bombs 🛁💕

  • costa 😍☕️🍰

  • ted baker body spray 🌸🌺

  • friend’s wedding party 👰🏻

september favourites 🍂

* to be continued *

hi everyone,

hope you’re all ok and had a good month? are you ready for the autumn season? 😍🍁❤️ i am!! 💕

here’s my favourites this month.

hope you’ll enjoy!


  • cavery and catchup with a friend 🍴💕

i went with my friend for a catchup and sunday cavery one weekend. it was lovely, i had beef. 😍 we also went to weatherspoons for pudding 😋

  • body shop products 😍💕💆🏼

recently ive been loving body shop’s beauty products. they’re so good! can’t recommend them enough! i am so excited to try out some more products! can anyone recommend anything? ☺️

  • gin and food with my friend 🍸🍴💗🦄

this month i tried unicorn gin it was amazing! 😍🦄😋✨ i love pink gin as well, me and my friend went for a catchup, meal and few Gins.. Penblwydd

    new autumn bag 🍁✨

i decided to treat myself to a new autumn bag. its very pretty. the bag is very small and can fit everything in it. it goes well with every outfit.

    • costa’s seasonal drinks ☕️❤️

    i love it this time of year when costa brings out their seasonal drinks. 😍☺️ its not autumn without spicy hot chocolate 🍫

    • autumn shopping 🍂🛍

    i love clothes this times of year and beauty products. 😍🍁

    • afternoon tea and catchup with my friend 🍰☀️
    • jojo moyes book 📚
    • necklaces 💎
    • friends hen party 🎉🐔🍸
    • downtown abbey film 🎥
  • TV shows 📺

    Bake off 🍰

    Sanditon 👒

    august favourites ☀️

    hi everyone,

    here’s my august favourites, where’s the summer gone!? i’m so looking forward to autumn winter though, my favourite time of the year. 😍✨🍂

    • catchup with a friend 💗🍰☕️🍴

    i went for full breakfast, cake and hot chocolate with my friend. had a good laugh as always and a catchup.

    • marc jacobs daisy perfume 🌸

    this is my favourite perfume ever!! but it’s my favourite perfume in the range also! 😍 it’s lovely, so floral, the packaging is pretty and it has lasted me a really long time. I’ve had complements every time when wearing this. it’s makes me feel happy 😊 it’s very summery.

    • pancakes and catchup with a friend 🥞 ☕️🍫💕✨

    it was lovely to have a catchup with one of my oldest friends in our tradition place having pancakes 😍 i had strawberries, marshmallows, caramel sauce and salted caramel ice cream and milky bar ice cream 🍦

    • breakfast and catchup with a friend from work 🍴☕️

    i went for a catchup and full breakfast from a friend at work. it was lovely. had a brownie as a cake 🍰

    teddy bear blanket 🐻💗🤗

    i’ve always wanted a teddy bear blanket and found one really cosy and warm in a pink colour in dunelm mill. i’ve been using it everyday, perfect with hot chocolate and watching films. i cannot wait for the dark cosy nights and autumn winter times to use this blanket and be all cosy. 💕🤗💕

    • afternoon tea with family on my day off🍰

    went for an afternoon tea with my family on my day off. there was a nice selection of cakes to chose from. 😍🍰

    • spa day 💆🏼

    i was supposed to go for a spa day on my birthday, but i got ill. it was so worth the wait!! me and my friend has a 2 and a half hours worth of treatments, we had a facial, a scalp massage, scalp and shoulder massage, full body massage with hot stones and aromatherapy massage. also included we had spa lunch with hot chocolate, and robes and spa slippers included and full use of the spa facilities like the sauna and pool ✨💕💆🏼 real treat of a day! because it was me and my friend’s birthday, we both had pink gin and palma violet gin as well. 🍸💗💜

    • lion king the movie 🎥 🦁

    i went to see lion king the movie this month. it was really good.