first blog post ❤️

This is the post excerpt.


hi everyone, 

my site was deleted so i had to make a new one. 

i hope you will enjoy my blog posts 



june favourites ☀️🌿

hi everyone,where is this year going?!i haven’t got a lot of favourites this month. been a very quiet month.we’ve been lucky about the weather this month 🌞i hope you’ll enjoy!❤️

  • the greatest showman dvd 🎩💃🏼

i was so amazed by the film at the cinema i had to buy the dvd! 😀 it always cheers me up!

  • day out in llandudno ☀️

i decided to go to llandudno when it was a lovely sunny day and treated myself to a raspberry ripple ice cream. 🍦melys cheesecakes 🍓🍰these homemade cheesecakes that i wanted to try for ages was finally in one of my local shops! yaaaas! so i had to go and get them to try out! i wasn’t disappointed at all! i will definitely be eating more of their products! 😍 i chose strawberry, lemon, malteasers and rocky road. 🍋🍓🍫🍰

  • saturday afternoon treat ☕️🍰

i sat down one weekend treated myself to a red velvet cake and hot chocolate. 😋 nothing better!

  • summer candles 🌴🍪🌈

these yankee candles are amazing! 😍 tropical jungle and rainbow cookie. perfect for summer nights.

  • new summer clothes ☀️

i’ve been looking for culottes and bardot tops for ages and found some this month. i love the pink colour and the outfit goes lovely together. my favourite is the sandals. black goes with everything and is perfect with this outfit! 😍

  • moisturiser 💁🏼 🌴

i’ve been loving this moisturiser this month. fragrance of coconut andit makes my skin feels smooth.

superdrug haul 💁🏼

hi everyone,

i’ve been shopping to superdrug for some skincare and beauty products for the summer season ☀️💆🏼

i hope you’ll enjoy!


  • new zoella sblash botanics beauty range 🌿🌺

zoella’s just bought out her new beauty range for the summer and i wanted to try them out 🙂. i was so excited! i love her bath products so i bought the bubble bath soak, this is like a milk carton and creates bubbles and i bought the bath powder. i love both of the packaging. i haven’t tried the products yet so very excited to try them out! 😍🛁

  • zoella 🌸

this body mist reminds me of summer in a bottle 🙂 it’s lets spritz body mist. its fresh and fruity and with delicate notes of raspberry and cassis for burst of berry bliss. 🍇

  • simple skincare 💆🏼

simple is my favourite brand to use as my skincare routine. i have very dry skin and these does the job.

  • new shampoo and conditioner 💆🏼

i’ve heard a lot of youtubers talking about these products and how good they are so i wanted to try them out and also the fragrance of them are incredible. 😍 excited to try these.

mini summer shopping haul 🛍☀️💛

hi everyone,

i’ve got a mini summer shopping haul for you.

recently i went to primark and new look to see what i can wear for warmer days 😊☀️🌺🌸

i hope you’ll enjoy!


  • primark ✨

i’ve been looking for just plain black and white bardot or off the shoulder top for ages and i found these perfect from primark for only £4 each. I can wear them with jeans, summer trousers or my new culottes.

Also i just bought facial wipes and cotton pads for skincare essentials. 💆🏼

  • new look ✨

i’ve been looking for culottes for ages and found these in the petite range. i love the colour. so girly.

i also bought these gorgeous summer shoes to wear with them, also with leggings, skirts and dresses. black goes with everything right.

may favourites ☀️🎗💗

hi everyone,

this month we’ve been lucky enough to have the warm weather and i’ve managed to complete my first 5k race. 😊

i hope you’ll enjoy!


  • completing my first 5k race for life challenge 🎗💗

this year i decided i was going to sign up to do the race for life! i completed my challenge in 45 minutes ✅ i was so proud of myself, my first race. everyone is affected of cancer at some point and our family has been too! i can finally tick this off my bucket list 😊

  • rowntrees randoms sweets 🍭

i’ve been loving these sweets this month. i’m not usually a fan of sweets but these are amazing 😍.

  • pink lemonade room spray 🍋💗

i bought this a while ago but its a summer fragrance and it makes me so happy. its summer in a bottle. makes your room smell so lovely.

  • afternoon tea and catchup with a friend 🍰💕

i went for afternoon tea and catchup with a friend.

  • dad’s birthday 🍰💙

it was my dad’s birthday. he had cupcakes and presents.

  • warm weather 🐦☀️🌸🍃💗

we’ve been lucky this month with sunny warm weather. i’ve been sitting out in the garden with the dog listening to the birds a lot. nothing better. so calming.

  • marc jacobs twinkle perfume 🌸

marc jacobs has bought out a new range called twinkle. so floral and girly. lovely fragrance for spring summer ✨🌸

  • hot chocolate, lunch and catchup with friend ☀️💕

i went for some lunch and catchup with a friend one weekend and it was a lovely sunny day. we sat outside ate our lunch. 🍴☕️

  • pink gin 🍓🍋🍹

i’ve never tried gin before. this month i decided to try it one with lemonade and one with tonic. i absolutely love it. so refreshing and fruity.

  • caernarfon food festival 🍩🍹🍓🍭💎💗

there was a food festival this month and i tried bubble waffle and pink gin. i also had krisby kreme doughnuts.

april favourites 🌸💗

hi everyone,

these are my favourites for this month.

i hope you’ll enjoy!


  • life book 💕💕

i’ve been writing in this really pretty book this month. i love the quote on the front cover and its in gold. it says make today count 😊✨.

  • new hair colour and haircut 💇🏼

this month i decided to have my haircut really short and blonder for the summer season.

  • sunny days 🌸❤️☀️

at the end of the month it was warm and sunny. lovely! spent it in the garden!

  • afternoon tea 🍰✨

i went to anglesey for a lovely afternoon tea.

  • day out in llandudno ☀️🛍🍦💜

i went to llandudno for the day. walked along the promenade, had crepe and hot chocolate and did some retail therapy.

  • my dog’s 10th birthday ❤️🐾⭐️

this month my beautiful dog turned 10.

toffee cakes 🍰

i found these on offer in morisons, they’re amazing 😍 if you have sweet tooth you’ll love these!

  • bomb cosmetics bath bombs 🌹🍓

i bought these last month but forgot about them. i love bath bombs that are girly and pink. i like to try out different ranges from them. i bought one when i went with my friend for a catchup and the other as a treat. this time i bought wild rose with winnie the pooh packaging 😍 and pick your own with a lovely strawberry scent andstrawberry on top.

spring shopping haul 🌸🛍💛

hi everyone,

recently i went shopping for spring pieces.

i hope you’ll enjoy!


  • miss selfridge 🌸

i find that miss selfridge always has the prettiest and the girliest clothes in. so floral. i love the red colour at the moment. 🌹❤️

  • debenhams 🌸

i bought one of marc jacobs new perfume to try out, twinkle it’s called. so excited to try it. i love the purple packaging .💜✨

  • primark 🌸

this may i’m taking part in the race for life cancer charity. i’m so glad i’m doing this. so i had to get a pink shirt for the event. 💗

  • yankee candle 🌸

i love yankee candles all year round but in spring the fragrance are so fresh. i bought rainbow cookie and tropical jungle. 🌈 🍪 🌴