first blog post ❤️

This is the post excerpt.


hi everyone, 

my site was deleted so i had to make a new one. 

i hope you will enjoy my blog posts 



what i’ve learned in my 20’s so far 💗

hi everyone,

i would like to share this post with you. i’ll be 25 this year. half way of my 20’s!

i’m old enough to know about life and still young enough to learn and grow on experiences.

i’ve not had the best start to my 20’s. i’ve kept it to myself on here, lost loved ones when i was 19 and 21. but through all of that i managed to complete my diploma and find a job. in 2017 i decided to start back on my driving, i passed my theory.

i’ve had my ups and downs and still do!

what i’ve learned in my 20’s up to now is:

  • live your life to the fullest 🌟
  • life’s too short 🌟
  • do what makes you happy 🌟
  • go on night outs and have night ins 🌟
  • fall in and out of love and go on dates 🌟
  • smile 🌟
  • laugh 🌟
  • have fun 🌟
  • learn to say no 🌟
  • treat yourself 🌟
  • save money 🌟
  • be kind to yourself 🌟
  • respect your loved ones and friends 🌟
  • don’t let anyone disrespect you ⭐️
  • don’t bother with the people that doesn’t make an effort with you 🌟
  • set your goals 🌟
  • do what you want to do 🌟

i hope you’ve enjoyed!


february favourites ❄️💕

hi everyone,

february has gone already! this year is flying by!

these are my favourites for this month. ☺️

i hope you’ll enjoy!


  • hot chocolate ☕️

its still winter perfect excuse for a hot chocolate! 😍❄️ especially topped with marshmallows and cream! i also found these valentines cupcake in m&s and it was delicious 😍🍰!

  • pancake day 🥞

i hadn’t make my own pancake since about 2 years and wanted to have another go on making them. i enjoyed making them and the toping was with mini eggs, flake and whipped cream 😍.

  • day out to beddgelert 🍃💗

me and my friend went on a lovely walk one weekend to beddgelert. it was so lovely by the lake and having a hot chocolate and lunch afterwards ☕️🍴.

  • mini eggs 🍫

i’ve been obsessed with mini eggs this month 😍😇 i can’t stop eating them haha!

  • beauty & skin care 💆🏼

i’ve got really dry skin and found these in body shop and the fragrance is amazing! 😍 i’ve used the body scrub in this range before and they all work well! the shower gel and moisturiser is for sensitive dry skin! i would definitely recommend this range from the body shop.

i recently went back blonde and these shampoo and conditioner does keep the colour.

  • cream tea 🍰🖤

i went for a cream tea to black boy in caernarfon. it was absolutely delicious. the scones were amazing 😍😋!

  • my dog 🐾

my dog has been such a cutie this month. he’s had a new bed and he absolutely loves it.

  • cream roller neck jumper ❄️😍

i bought this really cosy jumper in the sale from topshop. im always cold and i’ve been wearing this with leggings most of the month. its really keeping me warm. 🤗

  • new candle 🌺🌸🌷✨

i found this floral candle in home bargains. it’s really girly and pretty! the fragrance

  • day out to llandudno and primark 🛍❄️☀️

i went to llandudno for the day, walked along the promenade it was a very sunny day but cold. did some shopping as wel and had hot chocolate 👣☕️.

music 🎶

i treated myself to a cd i wanted for ages by meinir gwilym which is a welsh singer. i love the songs on it.

mini primark haul 🛍💛

hi everyone,

recently i went to primark to pick up some bits not much.

i hope you’ll enjoy!


  • foundation 💄

i wanted to get another one of the ps pro foundation in the glass bottle but their didn’t have one in the store. i was gutted! that foundation worked really well for my skin and for the price it was good as well! so instead i picked up the ps my perfect colour perfect finish foundation to try out. its not as good as the other one but for £2.50 its ok.

  • cosy socks & slippers ❄️

its cold outside in wales at the moment and there’s nothing better than new cosy fluffy socks and slippers to keep me warm. primark ones are the best! i chose the most girly colours i could find haha! ☺️💕🌸

  • room defusers & room spray 🌺

i loved the pink lemonade candle so i found these fragrance in the defusers and room spray. makes the room feel so fresh and lovely. 😊

january favourites ❄️💗

hi everyone,

welcome back to my blog in 2018 and happy new year to you all! ☺️✨❤️

here’s my favourites for the start of the year! 

i hope you’ll enjoy! 


  • giving clothes to charity and clutter 👗

this month i decided to clear out my clothes etc and give rhem to charity. i felt happy and good in myself that someone in need might need my service.  

  • walk with dad ☀️❄️💜

i went for a lovely, fresh and crisp walk with dad along the sea. it was lovely to spend quality time with him. 

  • going back blonde 💁🏼💗

i thought as a treat as the beginning of the year i would go lighter! i love my hair. 😍 i feel much more happier and my confidence has grown too. 

  • tv 📺 

there’s been loads of good tv shows and programs on this month. i’ve also watched films on netflix. i’ve been watching gavin and stacey all month, call the midwife and girlfriends. 

  • caffi caban ☕️🍰💜

i went to a really cosy cafe i never been to before. i had hot chocolate and a rocky road cake. 

  • new ghd’s 💁🏼✨

i needed a new ghd’s for ages. i had my old ones for about 10 years. i curl my hair with these as well. 

  • cosy baths 🛁💛

i do love my bath bombs and bath products 😍 there’s nothing better than a cosy bath when its wintery weather outside. 

  • beauty 💄

i’ve had the makeup palettes for ages but was scared to use them because they’re so pretty. this month  i decided to use them and try to do different makeup looks. 

makeup revolution bought out a new highlighter. i got the one in rose gold. its a liquid highlighter. its so pretty and works really well, really shiny and glowing on skin. ✨

this month i’ve been using boots moisturiser. its good for the price and really good for my skin. 

i found the nail polish from primark. its a lovely rose colour. it lasts long too. very girly. 💅🏻 

  • clothes ❄️

i’ve been obsessed with my purple bobby hat this month! ☺️😍 its so warm and cosy. the colour goes with everything. i’ve had loads of compliments when wearing it. i love the pom pom! 

i’ve also been loving my black boots. got studs across them. i can wear them with dresses, jeans or leggings. 

i’ve been wearing my cosy knitted polo neck jumper most of the month. i love it! i love the colour, i’m always cold and i live in it. perfect with leggings. 

i still wear the scarves from primark i had from last month. perfect during the cold weather. 

  • life quote ⭐️💗

this has to be my favourite item of this month! it means everything’s better in pjs. i live in my pjs. this life quote is so true.  it makes me so happy everytime i see it on my wall. 😊

december favourites 🎄🎅🏻💗

hi everyone, 
i can’t believe it’s the last month of 2017! 

hope you all had a lovely christmas ☺️🎄💗

here’s my favourites for this month, 

happy new year to you al! ✨❤️

  • costa christmas cups ☕️🎄

i’ve been loving costa’s christmas cups and festive drinks this month. they were amazing! so delicious and cosy! ☕️😍✨

  • day out to pwllheli ❄️💕

i went to pwllheli one weekend for a lovely day out. had a banoffee sundae to eat, it was delicious and went for a walk along the sea and had hot chocolate. 

  • new winter coat ❄️

i was looking for a new winter coat and found this one from new look. its a lovely grey colour from the petite section. longline coat, perfect with winter clothing. 

  • winter bag 👜

i had this bag from accesorize. i loved the colour of it. i’ve been using it with every outfit and the coat and pink scarf. 

  • rimnel lipstick 💄

i’ve been wearing this colour which is the 264 coffee shimmer for absolutely ages and it’s one of my favourite lipstick ever to wear. i had yo get another one. 

  • bodyscrub 

  • bomb cosmetics 🛁🎅🏻🍊

  • snowella 🛁

  • cosy nights in ✨

  • costa billionaire hot chocolate 🎄🎅🏻

  • afternoon tea ☕️🍰💕

  • christmas party 🎄💕

  • terrys chocolate orange 🍊

  • gingerbread candle ⭐️

  • primark scarf 💗

  • ty glyndwr ☕️🍰💗

  • 50 posts ☺️

  • nights out 🍷👯❤️
  • catchup with a friend 💕

christmas haul 🎄⭐️💕

hi everyone, 
merry christmas to you all! 

i have a christmas haul for you, its the most wonderful and magical time of the year ☺️

i hope you’ll enjoy! 


⭐️bomb cosmetics 

i couldn’t wait for their christmas range to come out so i bought one of their christmas bath bombs and i wanted to try out their candles. i loved the chocolate orange candle its exactly like the terrys one. 🍊 its amazing! 😍 the bath bomb i bought was the father christmas one. i love it, its pink so christmassy and cute. 

⭐️ primark 

i was looking for a scarf or a snood in a grey or a pink colour and i found these. they’re so warm. i also bought new pjs for christmas. 

⭐️home bargains 

i love candles from home bargains, especially their christmas ones. the gingerbread one is just amazing 😍! works really well and smells of christmas in the room instantly. 

⭐️tv choice 

every year i get the tv choice to see what’s on telly during the christmas period 🙂


you can’t have too many chocolates on christmas! i bought my favourites which are terrys chocolate orange, heroes and celebrations and galaxy. 

⭐️hot chocolate 

i love hot chocolate all year round but there’s something extra cosy about having hot chocolate on christmas with a christmas cup, cream and marshmallows. 


m&s had a lovely festive food out so i decided to treat myself to their deserts. i love their macaroons and i want to try their christmas log. 

favourite christmas films to watch 🎥🎅🏻🎄💫❤️

hi everyone, 

i love to watch christmas films at christmas time. they’re all cosy and festive. some very romantic and some comedy. 


i hope you’ll enjoy! 



✨mrs brown’s boys christmas crackers 

✨gavin and stacey christmas special 

✨stella christmas special 

✨outnumbered christmas special 

✨the holiday and love actually 

✨christmas with the kranks 

✨miracle on 34th street 

✨3 movie boxset santa clause