hi everyone, 

i’ve finally reached 100 followers! 😀💯 i can’t believe it! it means so much to me, thank you so much. 

i would like to thank all my followers and readers for making my blog successful ☺️ i know it’s only a small number but it’s big for me. 

i’m glad some of you likes my blog posts and finds them interesting to read. 

all the best, 

world of happiness_x


1 year of blogging ⭐️🎉

hi everyone, 

i can’t believe it’s been a whole 1 year since i’ve started my blog! 😀

my blog is mainly lifestyle, beauty and fashion 💕

i am nearly up to 100 followers and it’s all thanks to my amazing readers. i know my blog posts are not the best. 
hopefully i can keep growing my blog in the future and let me know what kind of posts you like best so far or how i can improve on my blog please, thanks 🙂

all the best, 

world of happiness_x



primark makeup collection 💄💋💜

hi everyone, 

i want to share with you my primark makeup collection 🙂💄

the p.s makeup range 💋

it’s not a lot but hopefully i can grow on this collection soon. 

i hope you enjoy!

  • brushes

these brushes are new in primark. they’re so soft to apply foundation with on your skin. i was so used to my real techniques brushes but i love these primark ones now and so good for the price. 

  • matte lipsticks 

these smell on all of these lipsticks are just amazing 😍 they’re matte long lasting lipsticks. you can have them in all colours, i’ve got nude pink, red and dark red perfect for autumn winter season. they work really well and i don’t have to reapply. i love the packaging of them, especially the gold on them. 

  • highlighter 

i was looking for a highlighter from primark for ages and found this. it’s ok. i prefer cream or powder highlighters. it’s a good product for your makeup bag. it’s an ok product if you don’t want to put much makeup on. 

  • concealer

i haven’t used this product at all because i don’t like this concealer stick. it doesn’t work at all. 

  • eyeshadow palette 

this was one of my first makeup from primark. i used to use this a lot at one point. it was good and pigmented. matte and shimmers shades in the palettes. good for the price. 

  • blusher

i used to use this a lot too but don’t anymore. i will at some point. pretty colour though. so natural. 

  • foundation 

this foundation is amazing! one of the best foundation i’ve used! it works so well for my skin. i’ve had this foundation for quite a while now and there’s still a lot in the bottle. 

  • facial wipes 

i always go for primark wipes because you get two and the packaging is pink. 

bomb cosmetics haul 🛁💗

hi everyone, 

a while ago i wanted to try out some of bomb cosmetics bath bombs, so i treated myself to some ☺️💕

i walked into the shop and the fragrance of the place was just insane 😍 bath bombs everywhere. i got so excited 😊! these bath bombs are so pretty to use and the names of the bath bombs makes you want to eat them 🌸

i hope you enjoy! 

  • strawberry sunshine 🍓

this bath bomb feels the warm rays of strawberries. it creates a very pink warming bubble bath. turns your water pink. very sweet and fruity. these bath bombs are very strong in fragrance as well. the seeds will be floating in the pink water. leaves my skin feeling smooth afterwards and the fragrance is very strong after you’ve used it. £2.99

  • ice cream queen 🍦 

i’ve yet to use this bath bomb. it really smells like ice cream. i really like the look of this bath bomb. i think it’s pretty cute. its really creamy, vanilla frosting fragrance and containing pure sandalwood and bergamot essential oils. £2.99

  • flutter by, butterfly 🦋 

fragrance of apples and cherries. i love the colour of this bath bomb, lovely pastel green colour. i’ve also yet to try out this bath bomb. very fruity scent. the butterfly is very cute. £2.99 

  • jelly & custard 🍮

this is my favourite design of them all, so pink and girly. the fragrance is strong of jelly and custard like you’re at a party. it’s got glitters in it. i haven’t tried this one yet either. £2.99 

july favourites ☀️💗

hi everyone, 

this summer month has gone already! ☀️

i haven’t got a lot of favourites for this month i’m afraid. 

i hope you’ll enjoy the same! 

  • birthday celebration 🎂🥂💗

this month i turned 24! i know old right!? 😩 i had to treat myself to a cake and hot chocolate for my birthday because it’s one of my favourite pleasures in life ☺️☕️🍰 

i also celebrated with a bottle of proseco 🥂🎉 why not, i’m only young once! i love the packaging of the bottle. ❤

  • catchup with old friend 👭💕

i had a catchup with one of my oldest friends 🙂 we went for a lovely meal, i had mushroom pasta and cocktail to drink. i loved the cocktail it was lovers lane, with mango in it.  it felt like as i was on holiday abroad with all the fancy decorations. 🌸🍹🍴

  • night out 🥂💗

me and my friends went for a night out one weekend during the month. it was a proper laugh! 😀 we started on the wines around 3pm, had some food and more drinks for the rest of the night. i tried strawberry lambarini and it was so lovely 😍. we all were glammed up and ready to go out. i wore my new bardot top with black skinny jeans and flats. 🍷🍸

  • bardot tops and clothing 👚❤

i’ve been loving bardot tops for a while now and this month there was a sale on at new look 😳🛍! oops i had a look at the bardot tops and i bought two from the sale! a lovely white one and a gingham blue one. i’ve also been loving my clothes i bought from primark last month. 🛍

  • love island 🌴❤

i’ve been loving this programme all month and was gutted when it finished 😔 my monday night was sorted haha. 

  • the wedding singer uk tour 2017 👰🎩🎸

i went to see the wedding singer uk tour 2017 in the venue cymru, llandudno this month. it was amazing! well recommend! its a film based in the 1980’s. very romantic. ❤ 

june favourites 🌸💜

hi everyone, 

here’s my favourites for this month ☺️

i hope you enjoy! 

  • shopping at primark 🛍💜

i treated myself to a bit of retail therapy to my local store which is llandudno. i got a few new clothing and choker and room defusers as well. i love primark, quality of their stuff is great and lasts me years. 

  • bomb cosmetics 🛁💕

i wanted to try these bath bomb for ages, so this month i decided to try them out. i haven’t actually try them in my bath yet, they’re too pretty and smell so amazing! 😍 i’ve picked the most girly ones ☺️.  the bath bombs i picked was ice cream queen, flutter by butterfly, jelly & custard and strawberry sunrise. 🍦🦋🍓🛁❤

  • music 🎶 

i love welsh music, i loved this one by meinir gwilym this month. it makes me so happy when i listen to it. 😊

  • reading 📖 

this month as well as last month i’ve been reading and i’ve finished the second book from zoella. i wasn’t that keen in the second one to be honest. 

  • afternoon tea ☕️🍰💛

i do love afternoon tea’s and it was a lovely treat this month. good selection of sandwiches, cakes and scones and hot chocolate as well 😍

  • bath salts 🛁

i had this bath salts as a xmas present, this month i’ve been using it a lot in my bath. i love the packaging as well, rose gold 💕😍

  • body cream ☺️

from the same range as the bath salts, i’ve been using this body crean as my moisturiser. the fragrance is lovely and makes my skin so soft. ☺️

  • catchup with a friend 👭🍦💕

i went for a catchup and a sundae one weekend with my friend. i ate all of the sundae 🐷 

primark haul 👗👛❤

hi everyone, 

recently i went shopping to my local primark store which is a new store in llandudno. ☺️

i hope you enjoy! 

  • room defuser ✨

i always like to stock up on room defusers. primark ones are amazing! they last so long! i bought two in the scent madagascan vanilla 😍 one lasts up to 4 weeks and another lasts up to 8 weeks. the small defuser was £1 and the big one was £3. this is soft and sweet aroma. makes your room lovely. these are available at the primark home range. 

  • face wipes ✨

i can never go to primark and not pick up some facial wipes because they’re so cheap. only £1 for 2 packs. from the ps range. 

  • choker ✨

i saw this choker and fell in love with it and had to get it. its lovely, so pretty with the pearl and velvet texture and black. this will go perfect with bardot tops.  this was £1.50. ❤

  • tights ✨

i only like and wear primark tights because i think the quality is good for the price and i usually pick up 100 denier to keep warm. i bought these 3 pair of 100 denier appearance weather sensor finish opaque tights in black and size small only £5. i live in tights, i wear them all year with dresses, skirts and pinafores. 

  • bardot playsuit✨

i’ve been looking for more bardot styled clothing and found this playsuit in primark. perfect for summer and pair up with tights for winter. this was £6. 

  • dress ✨

i’ve been looking everywhere for something gingham to wear. i saw this and thought it was so cute. perfect with tights and boots and summer as well. the floral patterns on it makes it so girly. this was £8. 🌸

  • bardot top ✨

again, i liked this bardot top. will go with black jeans and choker.  this was £6. ♦️

  • floral dress ✨

this dress is so girly. perfect with tights and boots. the dress and sleeves are floaty. this was £13. 🌸