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27 things I’ve learned in 27 years! ⭐️

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been such a long time!! Hope you’re all doing alright. 🙂💕🤍

I wanted to share with you the things I’ve learnt now that I’m 27 years old, in my late 20s! I did something similar when I was 25. ♥️

I hope you’ll enjoy!


1. Family is everything

2. Keep a journal / diary

3. Keep in touch with close family / friends

4. Save money!

5. Do what makes you happy

6. Take everything one day at a time!

7. Life is never the same again after a trauma in your life!

8. Friends come and go!

9. Do a scrapbook

10. Learn to cook / bake

11. Respect your family and tell them you love them

12. Learn to rest, not quit!

13. Never give up!

14. Stop fighting for people that won’t keep in contact with you etc

15. Everything happens for a reason

16. What will be, will be

17. Life is not a competition, everything will happen in your time…be patience!

18. Make time to pamper yourself, you deserve it

19. Travel

20. People change in your 20s

21. You can only do your best!

22. Be happy!

23. Don’t let people judge you

24. It’s your life, your choices, your decisions. You will pass your driving test when your ready, move out of family home and get married etc when ready.

25. Cry if you want to!

26. Go for walks

27. Your career, life choices etc can change during your 20s!

I could make a looong list of all the things I’ve learned so far during my 20s.

Hopefully this list will help others during they’re 20s.


The Bodyshop at home ✨


hi everyone,

I’m a consultant at the Bodyshop now besides my full time job. 🎉💖

I’m so excited to start this journey.

I’ve always loved beauty and skincare and hopefully I can help my customers with they’re skin concerns.

Have a look at my Facebook page if you’re interested ☺️

Many thanks


Follow my Instagram account 💕✨

hi everyone,

hope you’re keeping alright and safe! 🌈 💗

i’ve created a instagram account on my blog if you would like to follow me! 🙂

i’ll be posting lifestyle, girly things such as skincare products and hot chocolates, bath bombs and bath products 🛀🌸💛 monthly favourites. afternoon teas and cakes 🍰 trying to do some baking 🧁 and food, gin etc. 🍕🍓🍹🍸🥂

there is a link to my instagram.

thank you once again,



lockdown 2020 ♥️

hi everyone,

hope everyone is keeping safe 💞

i haven’t got any favourites for april, i just want everyone to be happy, positive and safe at home 🏡 ⭐️♥️ hopefully spending this time with family or loved ones at home. I’m lucky to be spending it with my family and family dog 🐶

hopefully it will be all over soon. 💫 🌈

we’ve had lovely warm weather ☀️ hope you’re keeping safe 💖 this lockdown has made me think a lot about life whilst listening to the birds outside 🐦 all you need is happiness, be kind to yourself and others, love, self care, love from friends and family, believe in yourself, love your work and life, achieve you’re goals and do the best you can! ✨

march favourites 🌼

hi everyone,

can’t believe it’s march already! where’s this year going!? 😮 i haven’t done much this month because of this coronavirus going on and the lockdown! 👎🏻😥 hope everyone is keeping safe! 💕 one good thing about this month though……I passed my driving theory test!! 🚗 🎉

every year in wales we celebrate st davids day. i love daffodils! makes the house brighter and the garden, it’s the first sign of spring. 😊 🌼
i’ve been loving the new sleepy shower gel from lush recently when i make my relaxing baths 😍 🛁 it’s with lavender to relax you. i love the fragrance of lavender to calm the mind! i definitely recommend this product. it really helps you to drift off to sleep. 💤
passed my driving theory test!! 🚗🎉
this month i passed my driving theory test!! whoop! 🙌 i’ve been struggling with my driving for sooo long and my confidence hasn’t been good with it! i set myself a goal nearly 6 months ago to hopefully pass my theory test and I did! 😁💪🏻🙌 I passed first time, only because my theory expired before. the next big step of my goal is to try and pass my practical test! wish me luck! 🚘
i bought this beautiful no.7 day cream ages ago but decided to try it out this month as my daily routine ✨ nivea is my usual cream but i’ve been loving this as a change this month. it’s so smooth on the skin! 💆🏼‍♀️
i bought these from hotel chocolat when I went to the Trafford centre. I’ve yet to try them out but all of them look incredible and so amazing! 😍💗 i bought the hot chocolate, custard tart, caramel city bunny and rocky road. 🍫 🐰 ☕️ looking foreword to try them!! 😋
when i went to the Trafford centre, i went to lush and tried out some new bath bombs. i love the amazing colours the bath bombs make 🥰😍😇😌 i did pick up my old time favourites which are twilight, think pink. The new one i loved this month was Madame president! ⭐️ it has grapefruits in it and it boost your mood and confidence! 🍇 there’s petite grain in it as well to help anxiety and mental fatigue. it has helped me a lot and i will be using more of this in the future! 🛀
i got my hair cut this month before the lockdown! i absolutely love it 💇‍♀️ it has definitely made me more confident as a person and built my self esteem. ❤️

i hope you’re all keeping all right and safe!


january favourites ❄️🤍💓

*to be continued*

hi everyone,

happy new year to you all! 🥳

hope all you’re dreams will come true in 2020 and the new decade to come! 🤗🎉⭐️🥰

haven’t been up to much this month!

  • first hot chocolate of the year 🥰

why not take a pleasure in the small things in life!? ☕️

  • new bath bombs 🛁

i had new

  • cosy fire 🔥❄️

  • retail therapy 🎀🛍❄️

  • positivity 💪🏻 💫

  • little women film 🎥

december favourites 🎄🤍❤️

hi everyone,

i do apologise that my december favourites has taken me soooo long! christmas feels so long ago doesn’t it!?

these are my favourites for the month ❤️🎅🏻🎄⭐️❄️🔮

i hope you all had a lovely christmas and new year! 🙂

  • sleeping beauty pantomime 🎄⭐️💕

christmas is not the same without a good panto. i went to see sleeping beauty with my friend before christmas. it was so good. 🙂😂

  • new phone 📱

it was about time I treated myself to a new phone, i treated myself to the iPhone 8 from the iPhone 5c I had for nearly 6 years. hopefully this phone will last me as good and as long. i love it so far. 🥰

  • visiting grandmother 🤗💗💫🌲

it’s a treat when i visit my grandmother, i don’t get the chance to visit her often! 💔 love her with all my heart! 💞 we went for a lovely meal and good catchup. 💛⭐️

  • christmas decorations 🎄✨

this year i decided first time in 4 years after my mother passed to decorate properly! ❤️ i absolutely love how I’ve decorated and made it so cosy 🥰🤗⭐️🎄

  • poinsettia ❤️🎄

i think as we get older we love flowers! 😅😂 it’s a tradition in my family to have these flowers at christmas. they’re so lovely so i decided to get some this year to brighten up the house.

lush christmas products 🛁⭐️🎄

every year i like to treat myself to some lush bath products 😍🥰🛁💗 especially if they’re pink and make me relax and calm. i’ve got a lush haul up on my blog already if you would like a read.

  • afternoon tea 🍰🎄

i went for afternoon tea with work for christmas do. it was lovely. turkey sandwiches, the best cheesecakes and homemade cakes 🍰 🧁 🥪☕️🌲

  • christmas lunch cruise on chester canal 🎄🍸🚤

this was the highlight of the month. christmas lunch on the chester canal with my family with plenty of gin! soup for starters, beer dinner and then chocolate gateau 🍲 also went for a bit of shopping and cake and hot chocolate. 🍰

  • new christmas decorations ☃️

when I went to chester for the christmas lunch, i bought just cutie little snowman ⛄️ this little snowman will be in my christmas decorations for the rest of my life now…it’s mine!! 🥰

  • starbucks ☕️ 🌊

it was never too late for a christmas hot chocolate from Starbucks to end the year! 😍☕️💫 i had a Starbucks and went along the sea! loved it so calming one of my fave things to do!

  • cosiness at christmas 🎄 ⭐️💕

you cannot get the fire going during christmas and winter times without having the christmas decorations going during christmas time! with my new lights and snowman ⛄️ 🔥❤️🤍🎄 so cosy! 🤗