first blog post ❤️

This is the post excerpt.


hi everyone, 

my site was deleted so i had to make a new one. 

i hope you will enjoy my blog posts 



favourite christmas films to watch 🎥🎅🏻🎄💫❤️

hi everyone, 

i love to watch christmas films at christmas time. they’re all cosy and festive. some very romantic and some comedy. 


i hope you’ll enjoy! 



✨mrs brown’s boys christmas crackers 

✨gavin and stacey christmas special 

✨stella christmas special 

✨outnumbered christmas special 

✨the holiday and love actually 

✨christmas with the kranks 

✨miracle on 34th street 

✨3 movie boxset santa clause 

 LUSH haul 🛁💗

hi everyone, 
recently i went to LUSH and i was sooo excited! i hadn’t been in there for so long! i couldn’t resist myself, i wanted all of the shop! 😍

their products smell so amazing and makes my skin feel so soft afterwards. i feel so calm and relaxed when i use their products. 

my favourite are their bath bombs. 

i was very excited that their christmas range were out and had some of their halloween range. 🎃 🎄🎅🏻⭐️

  • christmas sweater bath bomb 🎄💗

this bath bomb is amazing! ☺️😍 honestly! so colourful in the bath, tuns pink, yellow, red and orange. all christmassy! it smells like christmas too! the bath bomb is so girly! 🎄

  • pumpkin bath bomb 🎃

i know halloween has been and gome right?  i saw this and had to have it. it’s so cute. i wasn’t too keen on the fragrance at first, but after i put it in my bath i felt so relaxed and didn’t want the pumpkin to disappear! 

  • golden wonder bath bomb 🎁

i haven’t tried this one yet, keeping it until christmas. it’s very sparkly though! 

  • snow fairy jelly bomb ❄️

this fragrance range is one of my favourite. so girly and makes your bath pink. the bath bomb is pink once again, so pretty! 💕

  • think pink bath bomb 💗

my absolute old favourite 😍😊 i’ve noticed they’ve changed the product since i last bought one. it used to be with pretty flowers inside, but now just plain pink but still pretty and strong fragrance though! 

  • snow fairy sparkle jar ❄️⭐️💕

i’ve never tried this sparkle jar yet. excited to try it for christmas. 

  • pearl massage bar 💛

i saw this and i thought it was different than usual and must try it out. i love the colours of it. i’ve not used it yet so hopefully it will work for my skin. 

  • santa’s belly shower jelly 🎅🏻

a friend recommended this to me. it smells christmas in a box! it’s got stars and glitters in it. it makes your skin feel so soft. the only thing is that it falls everytime and you have to catch it like a fish in your shower. 

  • rose jam shower gell 🚿 

i loved the rose jam bubble bar so i wanted to try out the shower gel. i haven’t tried it yet but it smells so good. 

november favourites 🍃✨❤️

hi everyone, 

i have quite a lot of favourites this month to share ☺️

runnig up to christmas and getting all festive. 🎄

i hope you’ll enjoy! 


  • warm apple and cinnamon candle 🍎

i had this candle from home bargains, it’s really amazing! 😍 the fragrance is just the smell of christmas and autumn / winter in a jar. 

  • winter / autumn walks with family 🍃💕

walks during the autumn / winter season are the best. wearing your cosy hats and scarves and off you go! i went with my dog for a walk one weekend and with both my dad and the dog another weekend. it’s nice to spend quality time with your family. 👨‍👧🐶❤️

  • zoella lifestyle candle ✨

i was so pleased when i bought this candle from her range. it smells so good and so calming and relaxing. 😌  makes your room so cosy. the fragrance is such a strong fragrance it’s so lovely. 

  • catchup with friends and christmas markets ☕️🍴🎄💕

christmas is all about getting together with friends right? i hadn’t seen two of my friends in such a long time, so i went for a catchup, food and hot chocolate and to see the christmas markets. i love christmas markets. we ate a lot and laughed so much until i cried. 😊

  • chocolate macaroons 💕

this month i’ve been loving m&s chocolate macaroons. omg! 😍 so delicious and amazing! eating them and being cosy with a nice cup of hot chocolate ☺️🍫☕️

  • haircut 💇🏼 

my hair had grown a lot recently so i decided to go for a haircut, a bit shorter than i usually have. 👑

spa day at home 💆🏼💕

hi everyone, 

i like to treat myself to a spa day and to pamper myself. i find it calming and so relaxing. 

you can do a spa day at home and here’s how to make it so relaxing as you can.  


i hope you’ll enjoy! 


  • light some candles
  • spa / relaxing music 
  • warm bath 
  • pjs / comfy clothing 
  • favourite food 
  • paint your nails 
  • skin care / face mask 
  • favourite film 
  • hot chocolate 

winter shopping haul ❄️🛍❤

hi everyone, 

recently i’ve been shopping for winter pieces. ☺️

i hope you’ll enjoy! 


  • patisserie valerie 🍰💕

i went to patisserie valerie in chester, they have the most amazing cakes there. 😍 

  • cath kidson 🌸❤

her shop is so pretty! i’m obsessed, especially with flower patterns. i found this mug on sale for £5, perfect for my hot chocolates. ☕️

  • superdrug 

i wanted some of zoella’s new beauty and lifestyle range so i found her jelly and gelato range and a lazy day candle from her lifestyle range. i can’t wait for her xmas range to come out 😊

  • flower phone case cover 🌺 

i’ve been looking gor a pretty flower case for ages and found this. i love it. 

  • boots 💄

nyx lip matte cream is one of my favourites i prefer them to lipsticks. i chose these colours they aren’t very dark but quite dark for winter. 

i found this cucumber moisturiser it was good for the price and good for the skin. 

  • wilkos 

i wanted a new photo album so i found this pink one, grabbed myself a 2018 diary to get myself organised and found this lovely bath bomb. 

  • primark 

i love primark candles, can’t get enough of them. none of the candles i bought was very wintery but i still feel cosy when i lit them. i bought strawberry and proseco and pink lemonade. 

the clothes i bought were black leggings, skinny black jeans, cosy knitted jumpers in grey and pale pink and navy blue cardigan to go with the flower dress. 

i wanted a bobby hat for a while but couldn’t find one that suited me. i found this grey one with white pom pom. its so cute and warm. ❄️

  • topshop 

i was looking for a long top / dress to go with black leggings and i found this in the sale for £12. perfect! i love the colours and its so girly. 🌺🌸

  • LUSH cosmetics 🛁

i went to LUSH in chester. i was so excited because i hadn’t been in there for so long and all their halloween and xmas range were out. i’ll do a haul with things i got. 😍🎃🎄 

october favourites 🍁🍃💕

hi everyone, 

i loved the month of october ☺️ all the cosy weather and the leaves changing colours! 🍁🍂🍃

here’s my favourites for this month! 

hope you’ll enjoy!

  • sweet temptation by lucy diamond 🍰💄💋

i’ve been starting back at reading books again and been loving lucy diamond’s novels! i really do recommend her books. 🙂 

  • black cherry yankee candle 🍒 

this candle is one of my all time favourites. the fragrance is just amazing 😍! perfect for this season and for those cosy autumn nights 🌙🍂

  • chunky knitted jumpers 👚🍁❄️

this month i’ve been loving my junpers from primark and been wearing them with black leggings or skinny black jeans. i love the colour of them and they’re so cosy and warm! 

  • bobby hat ❄️🍃💕

my favourite item of the hole month! 😀😍 i totally love my hat! i’ve been wearing it all the time! it’s so warm and goes with every outfit! i love the pom pom on top! 

  • healthy eating 🌽🥒

at the start of the month i was pretty good with my healthy eating. eating salads and fruits. 🍇

  • autumn walks 🍁🍂🍃

i’ve been going for lots of autumnal walks with my dog this month, the leaves changing colours and falling off the trees, its been lovely! 🙂

  • copper mug for hot chocolates ☕️🍂💜

i was looking for a copper mug for ages and found one in home bargains for my hot chocolates. ☺️😍

  • weekend break in carden park, chester and shewsburry 🍃❤

me and my friend went on a lovely weekend break to chester, stayed in carden park hotel and spa in cheshire and then went to shewsburry. lovely break ☕️🍰💦🛍🍸🍃

autumn / winter essentials 🍃🍂❄️❤

hi everyone, 

here’s my autumn / winter essentials i can’t live without 🍃

i hope you’ll enjoy!

  • cosy fairy lights ✨🌙

  • hot chocolate ☕️

  • candles ✨🌙

  • bath bombs and cosy baths 🛁💛

  • good book 📚 

  • films 🎥 

  • chocolates and junk food 🍫 

  • onesies and cosy dressing gowns, pjs ✨🌙

  • autumnal clothing 🍂❄️

  • bobby hat ❄️

  • scarves ❄️