primark makeup collection πŸ’„πŸ’‹πŸ’œ

hi everyone, 

i want to share with you my primark makeup collection πŸ™‚πŸ’„

the p.s makeup range πŸ’‹

it’s not a lot but hopefully i can grow on this collection soon. 

i hope you enjoy!


  • brushes

these brushes are new in primark. they’re so soft to apply foundation with on your skin. i was so used to my real techniques brushes but i love these primark ones now and so good for the price. 

  • matte lipsticks 

these smell on all of these lipsticks are just amazing 😍 they’re matte long lasting lipsticks. you can have them in all colours, i’ve got nude pink, red and dark red perfect for autumn winter season. they work really well and i don’t have to reapply. i love the packaging of them, especially the gold on them. 

  • highlighter 

i was looking for a highlighter from primark for ages and found this. it’s ok. i prefer cream or powder highlighters. it’s a good product for your makeup bag. it’s an ok product if you don’t want to put much makeup on. 

  • concealer

i haven’t used this product at all because i don’t like this concealer stick. it doesn’t work at all. 

  • eyeshadow palette 

this was one of my first makeup from primark. i used to use this a lot at one point. it was good and pigmented. matte and shimmers shades in the palettes. good for the price. 

  • blusher

i used to use this a lot too but don’t anymore. i will at some point. pretty colour though. so natural. 

  • foundation 

this foundation is amazing! one of the best foundation i’ve used! it works so well for my skin. i’ve had this foundation for quite a while now and there’s still a lot in the bottle. 

  • facial wipes 

i always go for primark wipes because you get two and the packaging is pink. 


Author: world of happiness_x

my name is sian, 24 years old. live in wales. love beauty, fashion, singing, afternoon teas, spa days, hot chocolate lover and going for walks.

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