new year, new decade! ⭐️ 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

hi everyone,

here’s to a new year and a new decade my lovelies! ❤️✨2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

hope you’re all had a wonderful christmas and an amazing new year! 🎄🎆

it’s so scary! hope all you’re hoped and dreams come true and happiness! 💓

so much has happened in the last decade, unfortunately sad moments! 😥💔 but they’re has been a bit of high moments too 🙂

2010-2019 ⭐️

i lost my mother during the last decade 💫👼🏻🦋💔 that was the biggest low of the decade and also the loss of my grandfather, i know they’re together now and looking after us and guiding me through life💓 they taught me so much. losing my mother has taught me so much about life at such a young age.

started off in 2010 i completed my college course after finishing school, then went on to do my apprenticeship course i did business admin both in college and apprenticeship. after my studies i was fortunate to get my first proper job at an office. ☎️🖨⌨️🎓

one of the highlights of the decade was travelling to china with glanaethwy choir 🇨🇳 we completed in the world choir games in shaoxing during the summer of 2010. experience of a lifetime! 🌍 also completing and achieving my childcare course in 2016. 👶🏻🎓🎉

in 2013 i had a holiday to spain with my friends 🇪🇸 during that time i wasn’t sure what i wanted to do with my future career so I switched jobs for a while before i finally decided to do a childcare course in 2015 and it was the best decision i ever made. that year was very difficult for our family our mother was very ill at the time and I still managed to complete my course and achieve my qualifications. After completing my course i was fortunate to find work again and still there nearly 4 years on and loving every minute of it! 💜end of 2019 i started back on my singing and joined a choir again after nearly 9 years of not being a member of a choir. it helped my confidence a lot. 🎵

met some lovely people along the journey and also i’ve known who’s my friends and who’s there for me. i’ve always had confidence issues, but it got worse since i lost my mother but it’s always good to talk. 💞

i feel like i haven’t achieved a lot and ticked a lot off my bucket list but i still managed to do the things that makes me happy 🤗🙂🥰 that’s what important in life. ❤️

in this decade:

  • travelled to China
  • completed college and apprenticeship courses
  • turned 18 and 21
  • travelled to Spain
  • completed childcare course
  • found varies work
  • joined a new choir

i still haven’t passed my driving test 🚘 have my own home 🏡 or found love 💓 but hopefully one day it will all change! 💫

hopefully the new year will be exciting and i know i’m going to bruges in march 🇹🇩✈️

hopefully 2020 and the next decade will be full of happiness, good health and all you’re dreams will come true. remember don’t quit or never give up. 💕

Author: world of happiness_x

my name is sian, 24 years old. live in wales. love beauty, fashion, singing, afternoon teas, spa days, hot chocolate lover and going for walks.

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