lush cosmetics haul 🛁 💓

hi everyone,

during christmas I decided to treat myself to lush cosmetics christmas range. they’re christmas range are one of the best! 🎄🛁

i like pink, relaxing and calming fragrance/ scents.

these are the products i treated myself to:

  • rose jam bubbleroon 🌹

for a rosier mood and softer skin

  • twilight bath bomb 💫

let the sun set on worries

  • think pink bath bomb 💓

banish the black, burn the blue and bury the beige!

  • a french kiss bubble bar 💜

feel blissful at bedtime

  • snow fairy amazeball ⛄️

an amazing bubblegum bath

  • jingle bells bath bomb 🎅🏻

sleigh all day with orange and patchouli

  • snow fairy bath bomb ❄️

a fairytale of bubblegum baths

🍊 🛷 🛀🌙 💗

all are my favourites! makes me so happy, so calming and relaxing! would recommend them all! i never tried the french kiss bubble bar, jingle bells bath bomb or snow fairy amazeball before and wasn’t disappointed. looking forward to try new products this year from them. 🙂

bath bombs, when dropped into your warm bath your bomb will fizz away realising it’s colour and beneficial essential oils. lie back, relax and enjoy. 🙂💆🏼‍♀️😍🥰❤️🛁💗

bubble bars, crumble as much of a bar as you like under warm running water to create a mountain of luxurious, film star bubbles. for reusable bubble bars, simply whisk in your bath water or hold under the tap to whip up a blissful bubble bath. 💦 ⭐️

what’s your favourite lush product? did you get anything from lush this christmas?

Author: world of happiness_x

my name is sian, 24 years old. live in wales. love beauty, fashion, singing, afternoon teas, spa days, hot chocolate lover and going for walks.

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