november favourites 💕

hi everyone, 

it’s that time again to share my november favourites. 

i hope you enjoy! 


  • catchup with a friend 

i went for a catchup with my friend to a very lovely cafe in town. both of us had hot chocolate and puddings. perfect for this cold weather and a perfect treat. 

catchup with a friend and out for a meal 

me and my friend  went for a meal and a catchup during the week. i don’t usually order a steak, but i wanted to try one this month for a change. 

  • costa 

everyone knows i love going to costa! it makes me happy! haha. this month the christmas drinks came out in costa so i had to try them out! i tried the toasted marshmallows hot chocolate and the lindt hot chocolate. they were amazing! i prefered the toasted marshmallows one though! i want to try them all before christmas! i tried a new cake in costa this month, shimmer cake. it was so delicious! so chocolately and had caramel and the outside had sparkles on it. made it so christmassy. they even had christmas cups. 

  • new candle 

i wanted a new candle for a while and i was lucky i found this in home bargains. it’s so pink and girly and the smell is goergous! it’s one of my favourites this month. the frangrance is candy cotton, pretty in pink with rose cold lid and a little pink bow on it. 

20 likes and nearly 40 followers 

this month i reached 20 likes on my blog posts and reached nearly 40 followers! i cannot thank you all enough for reading my blog posts. it means so much to me! 

  • winter boots 

i was looking for a black chelsea winter boots for ages and couldn’t find a pair that i liked, until i saw these. i’m in love with them! they go perfect with a black skinny jeans, a top and a winter scarf. i love the gold detailing on the back of the boots. i had these from new look £ 24.99. 

christmas decorations 

i went to see the christmas decorations to fron goch. it’s lovely there at this time of year. 

  • hot chocolate 

i made a hot chocolate for myself one night with cream, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles to watch with my christmas films. it was lovely! so relaxing and cosy! 

  • hot chocolate and cake 

i went for a hot chocolate and cake and it was so good! the hot chocolate had malteasers in it which made it extra amazing! 

  • christmas decorations and out for italian 

i went to see another christmas decorations to a lovely garden centre i had never been before.  afterwards i went out for a lovely italian meal in town. the cabonara was lovely. we finished off the night with a glass of wine in weatherspoons. 

  • shopping in chester 

me and my friend went shopping to chester and for a girly day out. we went for lunch first and then shopping. i bought a phew from primark and lush. chester was so christmassy, with all christmas markets and lights up. we finished off the day with a meal at fat cat in bangor. 

  • breakfast and hot chocolate in fron goch

i had a voucher to try out the breakfast in fron goch, so it was worth to try it out. i wasn’t dissaponted at all, it was amazing! i had to have one of their hot chocolate to go with it, fron goch make the best hot chocolate! 


shopping and girly day in chester 👛💜

hi everyone, 

welcome back to my blog. 

me and my friend decided to go to chester last weekend for a girly day out and to do some shopping. 

both of us are so girly and likes the same style of clothing and beauty products so we were there shopping for hours, helping each other out! haha! 

we went for lunch first to this cafe, i ordered tuna melt toastie and a can of coke. 

i did a list of what i wanted, not that i didn’t need them of course! but it turned out i just grabbed everything and put it in my basket! oops! 


both of us wanted to go to primark, i was so excited about primark because it’s one of my favourite stores and i could literally spend hours there and buy everything in the store! 

i bought a lovely black bag with gold detailing on it, a black scarf, pink and white fluffy cosy socks, black flats, a line cord skirt and a pinafore dress. 


i absolutely love lush cosmetics store. i hadn’t been there in over a year. the products are so lovely and the bath bombs are so amazing! my favourite one is think pink. i went crazy and bought loads there and i also wanted to try out some new products that i never tried from LUSH before. i wanted to try their shower gel so i bought the pink snow fairy shower gel and i also wanted to try their face masks products, so i picked up the chocolate one. i picked up 2 new bath bombs to try out, candy mountain and creamy candy. i went for these because they were pink, pretty and amazing! the other bath bomb and bubble bars i bought were, rose jam, think pink, sakura and twilight. all of these are so girly and pink. 


i wanted to try their matte liquid lipsticks for ages and bought 2 colours, perfect for autumn. i picked one in the colour rome, this is quite dark and another in the colour cannes, more nude pink colour. 


i love foundation from nars so i decided to get a new one. the one i got was nars sheer glow. 

urban decay

i wanted the naked 2 palette so much so i decided to treat myself to one! the palette is amazing! the colours are so beautiful and so pigmented! 


i picked up 2 eyebrow products from rimnel london and a nude matte liquid lipstick from bojours. 

to finish off the day, we went to cafe nero for a hot chocolate and late, relax and a chat. 

i hope you enjoyed! 


the liebster award 💕

hi everyone, 

welcome back to my blog. 

thank you  nominating me for the liebster award. i’ve only just started my blog a few weeks ago and it means so much to me that people read my blog posts and are interested in what i share and blog about. i am so grateful. 

i love style perfection’s blog because she makes insteresting diy and makeup posts, her ideas are so good. i would deffinetly recommend checking out her blog. 

the questions i was asked was: 

  1. do you own any pets? yes i do. i’ve got a dog which is a little westie called macs. 
  2. what is your favourite song and what dance move do you create to it? i dont have a favourite song to be honest, but when i go on a night out or if one of my favourites songs comes on my dance move is one hand up in the air or just dancing around everywhere. its embarassing! 
  3. why did you create your blog? the reason why i created my blog was because i’ve always been reading other people’s blogs about fashion and makeup and lifestyle. i absolutely love those kind of blogs, so i decided to create on of my own and also its became a great hobby of mine since i’ve started blogging. 
  4. what is your blog about and what do you think it will be about in the future? my blog is about, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and monthly favourites. i am hopeful my blog will have grown a lot in the future and about my future dreams hopefully. 
  5. would you dance around in a pink frilly tutu and a unicorn head mask for £1000? i would if one of my friends did as well haha! 
  6. what do you want to do in your life / bucket list? lifes too short right! i would love to go to paris and amsterdam, travel a little more and spend as much time as i can with my friends and family, smile and laugh as you can. 
  7. who is the most inspiring person you look up to? my grandmother, she’s been through so much and i love her too bits and i can always rely on her. 
  8. how long have you been posting for on your blog? i’ve only been posting on my new blog since the start of this month because my last site got deleted. 
  9. are you going to continue your blog in the future? yes definetly. i am so glad i’ve started blogging, i’ve had so much support on here. i am so grateful for every comment and readers. 
  10. what have you always wanted to do but scared to try out? i’ve always wanted to go to paris and amsterdam and nobody wants to go with me and i am scared of going on my own. 

the bloggers i like to nominate are:

these are the questions i would like to ask you: 

  1. why did you start your blog? 
  2. favourite high street store and why?
  3. favourite makeup product and why? 
  4. hot chocolate and a night in or a night out? 
  5. how would you like your life to be in 5 years time? 
  6. favourite blog and why? 
  7. how do you spend your free time? 
  8. what makes you happy when you have a bad day? 
  9. what inspires you? 
  10. who’s your favourite youtuber? 

the rules: 

thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog. copy and paste the liebster award badge to your post. nominate 10 new bloggers with less than 200 followers. answer the 10 questions that the person who nominated you asked then create 10 new questions for the bloggers that you’re nominating. notify the bloggers that you have nominated by leaving a comment on their blog. 

thank you again for nominating me. 


october favourites 🍁🍂❤️

hi everyone, 

i would like to share with you my october favourites. 

i hope you enjoy. 


  • cinema 

me and my friend went to the cinema to watch the girl on the train! i really wanted to see this film and i’m glad i did! it was so good! i haven’t read the book yet. i really recommend the film! of course we had popcorn, chocolates and tango blast as a treat! 

  • chester day out 

one weekend me and my friend decided to go to chester shopping and for a girly day out. it was such a treat! we stopped for lunch after arriving, i had tuna melt toastie and a can of coke before hours of shopping and girly time. i bought from primark, lush, nars, urban decay and boots.  we stopped in cafe nero for a latte and a hot chocolate before heading back home. 

  • pizza hut

i absolutely love pizza and i wanted to go pizza hut in such a long time because i hadn’t been there in years. even though its expensive, its deffinetly worth the trip! me and my friend had starters, a bowl of salad and pasta. you can’t go to pizza hut without getting that first! for my pizza i only had a plain margherita! for dessert i went for chocolate cookie dough. you can’t go to pizza hut without having that either! 

  • night out 

i went for a night out and a few cocktails one weekend with my friend. it was a great night out! 

  • catchup with a friend 

i went for a lovely catchup with a friend and had the most anazing hot chocolate ever! i was over the moon haha! it was so delicious! we also went out for a meal later this month, i had a lovely beef burger with cheese and skinny fries and my friend had a curry. 

  • eating out 

i have been eating out a lot this month! firstly, me and my friend went for a brunch. it was so delicious! the day after we wanted pub food so i had scampi and chips. i had not been to harveys in ages so i went and i had pulled pork! 

  • baking 

i like to bake during my free time. this month it was breast cancer awareness month so i baked some cakes for a charity in work. 

  • afternoon tea 

i had a voucher to use for an afternoon tea for! it was amazing! so full afterwards! good selection of sandwiches and cakes! 

  • weeping window poppies exhibition 

this month in my local town, there was a poppy exhibition to remember the world war 1. it was so pretty. 

  • catchup with a friend and a sunday cavery 

me and my friend went for sunday cavery and a long needed catchup. the meal was lovely, we went to weatherspoons for dessert. i had chocolate brownie with ice cream. 

september favourites 💕

hi everyone, 

i would like to share with you my september favourites. 

i hope you enjoy! 


  • emmerdale tour 

i went to see the village where they film the soap emmerdale. i absolutely love watching the soaps. the tour was about 1 hour 30 minutes and it was a lovely sunny day. 

  • cinema

i went to see bridget jones’s baby. i loved it! it was so hilarious! the best thing about going to the cinema is that it’s a real treat and the pick and mix is good and the tango blast is amazing! 

  • autumn shopping 

i decided to go shopping one weekend for new autumn clothes and makeup. i wanted a burgandy top and skirt for ages and the materials feels so nice, ribbed and aline cord skirt. the white top will be perfect with pinafore dresses, the flat shoes with leggings or jeans and the bardot top with leggings. i wanted matte liquid lipsticks for ages and i found these colours from bojours. perfect for autumn / winter. 

  • hot chocolate 

you can’t beat a good hot chocolate! i absolutely love them! they make me so happy and cheer me up. 

  • film day 

i had a lazy day one weekend watching girly films with munchies. i love this film, its so girly and romantic. 

  • going out for a meal 

i went to a restaurant i never been before. the menu was so posh and the food was lovely. i chicken and vegetables to start with and for dessert i had chocolate brownie with ice cream.